Paul and the balance crew organised a supreme weekend of riding in the Welsh hills. The weather was very un-Welsh with the sun cracking the flags all weekend. The routes were challenging but achievable and would give anyone riding them a sense of achievement. The riding and van support was great and the team atmosphere they developed was tremendous. The exercise was naturally balanced with enjoyable sociable evenings and I’m already looking forward to the next one!
— Jason T

Fancy joining us for some exercise?

I’ve been organising walking, running and cycling events through balance for a few years now and it’s an absolute joy to do. Why? here are five reasons to join us:

  1. Beautiful places - one of the most important habits of balance is getting out into nature, so all events are designed to escape the hustle and bustle, improve your mental wellbeing and find your balance

  2. Great people - unlike competitive events, the focus for balance is on the social aspect. Everyone is welcome, we don’t race and we’ll always be sure to include stops at wonderful cafes, tea-rooms and pubs for tasty food and drink

  3. Challenge yourself - I know you want to improve your fitness too, so I plan a range of events for your choose from, some shorter, some longer, some flatter, some hillier to allow you to choose something to push you to new heights

  4. They’re free - yep that’s right, there’s no charge. We’re going to do some exercise anyway and we’d be delighted to have the company

  5. Do good - we’ll regularly be raising money for local charities so if you’d like to say thanks for organising an event, you’ll be able to make a donation if you wish. You can also choose to use the challenge to raise money for one of our good causes or one of your own, so not only will you look good and feel good, you’ll do good too.

What are our active days like?

They’re more like social gatherings; informal, relaxed and friendly. I’ll plan the route, organise the timings and where we’ll stop for food. I’ll also be there to guide you and provide GPX file downloads as a backup and so you’re able to take it at your own pace if you wish.

There’s no official vehicle support, or mechanical assistance on cycling days, but I’ll be sure to carry some tools for basic repairs and I’ll always have a first aid kit and essential supplies to hand. We don’t pre-order food at stops and you’re welcome to join us or bring your own snacks, although I might bring along one of my homemade cakes for you to try at the end if you’re keen.

Schedule for future events coming soon. Sign up to the newsletter to receive updates on what’s coming up.

“Thank you for such a fantastic Coast to Coast ride! It was a truly great few days and you do really have a knack of organising superb events! I hope this is the first of many.
The ride was the perfect run-in for my Ironman at the end of August and meeting all the great people was awesome.” 
— Brendan E

A little taster: here’s a selection of images from previous balance events and some of our own adventures.