Challenge yourself, change yourself, find your balance

Welcome to the new balance online challenges, covering everything from weight loss to energy, sleep, posture, back pain, taking on a fitness challenge like a marathon or a 100-mile bike ride and plenty more.

I’ll be releasing one challenge at a time, each focusing on a specific aspect of health, fitness and wellbeing. They’ll all share key things in common…

  • They teach you key habits that help you achieve your goals, and give you simple and powerful; behaviour change tools to stick to them so that you can stay balanced

  • You’ll get access to your challenge in the ‘find your balance’ online area, with videos from myself and Paul-e, downloadable hints and tips and a discussion board to pose questions and talk to fellow challenge takers

  • Extra support with daily email prompts, a private members Facebook group where you can chat and share ideas

  • Tracker tools like tick-box diaries so you can make sure you’re keeping up those habits

  • A proportion of profits from every challenge will be give to support local charities, so not only will you look and feel good, you’ll also be doing good

Try a challenge for free and help save the planet

To celebrate the launch of the challenges and let you experience them for yourself, I’ve created the first one completely free. It’s called Seven Habits for a Healthier Planet and it’s all about simple changes to our habits that we can make to protect our wonderful world. It’s a 21-day challenge with the seven habits spread out across the programme, with daily emails and video updates for support and motivation.

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