Welcome to balance

Thanks for visiting our site. My name is Paul Waters and I created balance to do the following:

We make sure that everything we do follows our very important principles.

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To ensure a totally holistic approach, all of the things we do are also underpinned by the four elements of balance:

  • think - the psychological and behaviour change element of health and wellbeing. We use effective behaviour change techniques and help you get your head in the right place for change
  • eat - our nutritional element, consisting of our Ten Steps to a Balanced Diet.
  • live - the lifestyle elements often overlooked, including sleep, stress, everyday activity, alcohol and smoking
  • move - the physical exercise element, providing you with effective and balanced exercise challenges and programmes
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How can balance help you?

There are two main ways we help you to look good and feel good:

1) Events - join us for a physical challenge and get motivated and fit

Need to challenge yourself?

Click here for details on our latest events, or as we like to call them, balanced days out ...

2) Online programmes - challenge yourself and find your balance

Try balance club, our new online workout and nutrition programme FREE FOR 4 WEEKS 


Starts Sunday 22nd April. Click here to learn more and sign up for your free 4-week trial.

Whichever option you choose, you'll be helping us to do good things. You can read more about the causes we support here.


How else can balance help?

Click to learn more about employee wellbeing

I want to help my employees be fitter, healthier and happier

Choose from:

  • online health and lifestyle programmes delivered right to your employees' inboxes
  • seminars, health and fitness events and consultancy services

Discover more about business support for PT's

I'm a PT and want to help others get fitter, healthier and happier

Build a successful PT business through:

  • Online courses designed to give you the skills and knowledge to succeed in business
  • One-to-one mentoring services for personalised and tailored support

If you want to check out my credentials or know a bit more about me, my lovely wife Vicky and the company mascot (our cat Basil), click the link below.