A balanced approach to employee wellbeing

Keeping your people fit, healthy and happy brings numerous benefits to your business. It's about far more than people simply having less days off, it helps them to be happier, more positive, focused, creative and energetic.

And we love working with businesses as it allows us to truly achieve our mission statement of helping to make the world a fitter, healthier, happier place. Add to that, each time you purchase one of our services, we'll give some of the fee towards a good cause.

We can help you in a variety of ways:

Bespoke Events

Let us create a health and fitness event or challenge for your team. It could be a walk, bike ride or run, or something a bit more fun like a sports day, an orienteering or step-counting challenge.

We'll work with you to ensure it fits your needs and your employees preferences.


Join our existing events

You can check out our current list of events here and contact us to discuss numbers and requirements



Choose from a range of pre-created 'A balanced approach for...' seminars:

  • weight loss and shape change
  • stress management
  • stronger and healthier backs
  • healthier hearts
  • better sleep and increased energy
  • work, life and time-management

Or get a seminar tailored specifically to your company's wellbeing needs



Want help creating a wellbeing strategy for your business, or just or just want to improve what you already do in relation to exercise, diet and lifestyle support for your employees? We can work with you to create a plan and help you implement it.

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“Keystone Law is a ‘dispersed’ law firm, which means that its lawyers are based in their own homes or in small offices around the country. This has many advantages, and we love it, but it can also be a little isolating. We make big efforts to keep in touch, which includes occasional group sporting events.

Last year Paul and the balance team organised a 2-day cycling trip for us between Bristol and Central London. Fifteen of our lawyers took part, many of whom had never ridden so far before. For most of us it seemed like quite a challenge.
It went really well, not least because of Paul’s gentle encouragement every step (or revolution) of the way. He planned and scouted the route, organised excellent mechanical back-up, briefed us all thoroughly and then shepherded us 150 miles across southern England.
We all felt a huge sense of achievement when we made it, as a tight-knit group, to the finish line. It went so well, in fact, that we’re going to do it again this year.”
— Martin Pearse, Keystone Law