Time for a change

You want to get fitter, healthier, lighter, leaner, happier. But maybe you need some motivation, guidance, support, advice or direction. The good news is, you've come to the right place as we've helped hundreds of people over the last 16 years looking for something similar. 

If you're after some focused personalised attention, we offer a one-to-one health, fitness and lifestyle coaching package to help you reach your goals.

Fitness and lifestyle coaching

  • Weekly catch-ups to keep you on track

  • A completely holistic approach

  • Gradual, sustainable changes to make it last

  • Only £27 per week

Fancy a 12-week personal fitness and lifestyle coaching package tailored just for you?

How does it work? We use our 'think, eat, live, move' method to support you one step at a time through effective changes.

  • Week 1 begins with think, a one-to-one session face-to-face, over the phone or Skype, so we can really understand you. What do you want? Where are you now? What are the things that might work to get you where you'd like to be? This might be changes to your diet (eat), lifestyle (live) or exercise (move) but the beauty is, it's up to you to choose; it's a two-way process so that it's achievable, realistic and sustainable
  • From this session, together we create an action plan for change and you'll receive a video-download exercise programme, nutritional or lifestyle actions to implement. Over the next 10 weeks we have weekly 15-minute phone catch-ups to see how you're doing and agree actions for the following seven days
  • Finally, in week 12, we'll review progress with a 1-hour catch up, celebrating your successes and agreeing how you'll maintain these or progress further if you wish.


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“Thanks to Paul I have lost weight, gained fitness, lowered my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.  He has an excellent attitude, always wanting to help, he believes in what he does, and most importantly he believes in you.  Simply, he is everything I expect in a coach.” 
— Peter Rotherham