Why do an event?

Events offer you a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and change yourself. In fact, something truly wonderful happens when a group of people come together to take on a shared challenge. I learned this for the first time back in 2005 when I completed the London Marathon, my first attempt at the 26.2 mile distance. It was hard, it hurt a lot, but I absolutely loved it! Why??? The support from the crowds (it's definitely London's happiest day of the year), the camaraderie of the runners (and walkers) helping each other towards their ultimate goal and the immense feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes when you cross that finish line; pride in yourself for overcoming the voice in your head that says you can't, pride for surprising others with your determination and immense pride if you've used the event to raise money for a good cause, helping to make the world just that little bit better.

Our events

We have great experience in taking on and organising challenging events, from walks to runs and bike rides. You can find out more about what we've done here. We've managed to raise a lot of money for charity in the process and we wanted to use what we've learned to create some memorable challenges and experiences for you too whilst helping more  good causes at the same time.

All of our challenges, or balanced days out, as we call them, are built around our 'Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good' ethos and we make sure we create a mixture of walks, runs and cycle rides that are suitable for a wide range of fitness and experience levels. Each event is labelled in terms of difficulty level using our colours so that you can pick one that's the right level of challenge for you.

Last year's 'Wunners' (walk/runners) during our late summer Wun to the Wolds

Last year's 'Wunners' (walk/runners) during our late summer Wun to the Wolds

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What's on?

2019 events schedule coming on Friday 26th October, check back then for a range of exciting challenges!

Last year's Coast to Coast riders reach the sea after a great challenge!

Last year's Coast to Coast riders reach the sea after a great challenge!

The top of Hardknott Pass...the name says it all!

The top of Hardknott Pass...the name says it all!

Look and feel good:

  • Book one of our events and increase your motivation to exercise

  • Get fitter, leaner and lighter in the process

  • Improve both your physical and mental health

  • Boost your energy levels

  • Enjoy those lovely endorphins that exercise releases in your brain

  • Socialise with a group of brilliant people all sharing the challenge with you

  • Marvel at some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine, escape from everyday life for a while and get a great sense of pride and achievement when you finish


Do good:

  • All of our events are linked to charities and good causes

  • For paid events we'll donate a proportion of your entry fee to the cause

  • For free events you'll have the option to make a donation to the linked cause if you wish

  • You'll always be able to ask others to sponsor you for doing the event, whether that's to raise money for our cause or for one close to your heart

Our current cause for April-June 2018 is the RSPCA. We're currently setting everything up so that all of our events during this period will support the fantastic work they do to care for the animals of the UK. Read more about our good causes past and present here.

“Thank you for such a fantastic Coast to Coast ride! It was a truly great few days and you do really have a knack of organising superb events! I hope this is the first of many.
The ride was the perfect run-in for my Ironman at the end of August and meeting all the great people was awesome.” 
— Brendan Ellis

A little more about balance events

 All are designed to be:

  • Inclusive - all fitness levels, ages and abilities are catered for, so you can push yourself to a level that's right for you

  • Challenging - whilst it is inclusive, it shouldn't be easy. You're likely doing it to get fitter and healthier and as the saying goes...no challenge, no change

  • Relaxing - we always find the most beautiful places and scenery for our events, to help you unwind, de-stress and escape. We also let you take your time; there's no racing and no need to rush, why would you in such beautiful surroundings

  • Sociable and fun - meet like-minded people who love a challenge and boost your mental health as much as your physical

  • Supportive - in the build-up to the event, we'll send you lots of hints and tips on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle that'll help you prepare for the day. Throughout the event the support crew will be on hand to guide, motivate and generally take care of everything for you

  • Tasty - we'll always look to stop at great tea rooms, coffee shops and pubs during and after the event for some lovely food and a celebratory drink to balance out your hard work. 'Burned it, earned it' as we like to say