the balance advent calendar day 1

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With Christmas just around the corner, thoughts turn to 

festivities, food, family and friends. As it’s the 1st day of December, we’ve found you a great recipe online for a partridge and pear dish! OK we know, today isn’t the 1st day of Christmas as the well known song says, but for many the 1st December signals the start of the festive season (some started celebrating in August)!

What’s so great about partridges and pears? 

Well, partridge is a very lean game meat, packed full of protein, rich in iron (about three times as much as beef), and other vital nutrients like vitamin B6 and selenium. If you’re worried about your cholesterol levels then game is a good choice for you.

Pears come packed with vitamin C and around 20-25% of you daily fibre requirements, as well as providing key trace minerals like copper and a fair chunk of your daily vitamin K needs. Between them this can help to:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Keep your brain functioning properly (essential for Christmas shopping!)
  • Ensure your blood clots as it should
  • Keep all of those festive treats moving through your insides and out again!

Make this great partridge and pear recipe to get you feeling festive and guilt-free:

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