balance on…………block rocking' beats

Do you run faster as soon as your favourite tune starts playing on your MP3 player? Do you find extra energy in your class when those block rocking’ beats start playing? Many people will tell you that music makes a huge difference to their mood, energy levels and exercise routine. But does the science back this up?


Music increases the work output in people exercising at sub maximal intensities.

I feeeeeeeeeel good!

Mood and psychological state are improved or increased with moderate to intense exercise.

Keep on running!

Music has been shown to decrease the perceived effort during exercise and also in some studies to increase time to exhaustion. Basically some people can go further before they tire if they are listening to music.

Easy like a Sunday morning.

Music is well-known for its relaxing effects, well as long as it is calming (heavy rock or hard house does not have the same effects)! Some exercise studies have suggested that it may aid muscle relaxation and decrease lactate production, allowing people to train harder for longer.

Push it……

So it seems clear that exercise may well play a major role in helping you to train harder and longer, and make you feel good along the way. The key it seems is in listening to music that you enjoy. Some studies have suggested that calming music can improve endurance (Copeland and Franks, 1991) whilst others suggest that more upbeat dance music may act as a distraction and help to increase endurance at lower intensities (Yamashita et al, 2006).

I like to move it, move it

So get that I-Pod exercise playlist on, turn up the radio, take your MP3 player to the gym or if you’re feeling old skool, put on a CD, get that mix tape in the Walkman or even get the needle on that gramophone!!!

Choose music that you enjoy and pick tracks that link to the goals of your workout. If you’re going long and steady relaxing music may help, but if you want a big session then loud and heavy may be the way to go!

The right music can mean that Sunday, Monday are happy days, Tuesday, Wednesday happy days, Thursday, Friday happy days, Saturday what a day, Trainin’ all week with you!!

Rock on. Move.