What next for balance?

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Balance is nearly seven years old and in that time, I’ve done many different things with the business. It began as a traditional Personal Training company and it developed to offer online coaching, to assist PT’s in building their own businesses and running a range of events, mostly cycling but some walks and runs too. Alongside all of that I’ve continued to teach and write and been lucky enough to get involved in a nice mix of projects.

Do it for the love

As you all know, my work is more than a job to me, it’s my hobby, my passion. I’m luck to do something I love day in, day out and even luckier that it’s actually all I’ve ever done. It never fails to give me a buzz when I know that the work I’ve done has helped you and others to make changes in life for the better and that they’ve left you feeling fitter, healthier and happier.

So recently I took some time to think about what I can do to best help you all and what fits best with my own goals and values. I know I don’t want to be rich'; I’m not motivated by money, nor am I motivated by the thought of building balance into a big business. I like that it’s just me and that it, well, keeps me balanced. I like working hard but not too hard and more than anything, I like helping people.

What I do know I want to keep doing to help you most is develop things that help you make sustainable changes - it’s got to last. You’ll never find quick fixes or gimmicks, only stuff that helps you keep it up in the long term. At the same time, sustainability from an environmental perspective will also run through everything balance does. Building on the recent Seven Habits for a Healthier Planet, look out for more about saving our planet very soon.

Then I asked myself; what don’t I like about it and I realised that Personal Training, which is what I’ve always traditionally done, is quite exclusive - it’s not for everyone because many people can’t afford it. And whilst I love it and I know it really helps people, I want to create something that can help people from all backgrounds. I thought about the type of business I want balance to be like, and bizarrely or not, the answer I came up with was Aldi. I want it to be affordable but of a really good quality at the same time. I want you to get that feeling you get when you leave Aldi going ‘wow that was really incredible value’.

I also want to look back on life in years to come knowing that I did something good, something to be proud of, so I’m going to continue to build the relationships I’ve been working on with local charities and make sure everything balance does makes a difference.

The plan


1) Animated online programmes - starting this month, I’m going to release a range of very low-cost online wellbeing programmes presented by my virtual business partner Paul-e.

All built around the balance principles of making lasting changes by building healthy habits, there’ll be ones on a range of health and wellbeing goals. The first one will actually be about how to make lasting changes; the key planning and psychological tools you need, then there’ll be ones on sleep, stress, back pain, energy levels and all sorts. Most importantly, they’ll all be low cost. None of those annoying monthly subscriptions required - once you buy it you’ll have access to it permanently so you can go back to it as often as you want.

A percentage of all profits will be donated to local charities to help them meet key targets.

2) Free active social events - for now I’ve decided to put my paid events on hold. I’m going to schedule a range of informal bike rides, walks and runs and invite you to join me. They’ll all still have the key themes of balance events - a leisurely pace so as to be as inclusive as possible, beautiful scenery and great food and drink. The only difference is I’ll be joining you en route rather than supporting officially from the van. I might just bake some goodies as treats for the end though and if you want to say thank you, you’ll be able to donate towards the charitable cause I’m supporting at the time.

That’s it'; nice and simple for now. I’ll also be speaking to some local publishers about getting the entire balance methodology published as a book for those of you who still love the old-fashioned way and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress.

A huge thanks to all of you for supporting balance and I hope I continue to produce things that you find helpful and make a difference in your life.

Stay balanced,