Refreshing foods and drinks for hot summer days

I heard this week that the sun has been shining continuously for over 50 days here in the UK and us Brits struggle to cope with all those powerful rays, we're just not used to it.

If you're feeling a little hot under the collar, here are six great foods and drinks to help cool you down...

1) Gazpacho soup

Most of us associate soup with cold winter days, but not the Andalucians from Spain. Gazpacho is best served chilled and packs in plenty of nutrients whilst also helping to cub hunger with its high water content, which also helps to cool you down.

Try Gordon Ramsay's recipe to make your own.

 3) Salads

The end of June bought a warning of lettuce shortages in the UK caused by high demand and wilting crops in the hot weather. 18 million lettuces were sold that week alone.

Salads are a popular choice as temperatures soar as many find their desire to eat hotter foods waning, or maybe its the lack of desire to stand in a hot kitchen. 

The choices are endless with so many possible ingredients and flavours to choose from; you can add fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, fish, cheese, tofu, nuts, seeds or whatever takes your fancy.

Here's a super-tasty take on the British classic, the Ploughman's, coming in at only 400 calories.

5) Spicy food

It may surprise you to learn that hot food and drink actually helps to cool you down. That's because the heat produced leads you to sweat and as the air catches the droplets, it cools you down. It's essentially your built in air conditioning system. Here's how it works with a hot drink like a tea.


2) Iced tea

Another one that us Brits find strange; surely it should be served piping hot? Not in the USA, where 85% of teas consumed are served cold. Click here for Twinings top ten iced tea recipes. 


4) Melon

Rich in water, melon is light, rich in antioxidants and a great low-calorie snack. In fact, watermelon has over 90 grams of water per 100 grams, hence the name. Just don't eat it like this guy

6) Water

Dehydration increases heat storage in your body and decreases your ability to tolerate heat. Staying hydrated with water, squash, milk, herbal and fruit teas or fruit juice mixed with water is therefore essential to help you keep your cool.

Athlete drinking water shutterstock_345583352.jpg