We all want better balance; whether that's to look great, feel good, be fitter, healthier, lighter, leaner, happier or more energetic. 

Chances are, you've tried many ways to achieve this, but it's hard. The diets and exercise programmes promise quick results but they just don't last. You end up back where you started or even worse. 

What if there were a better way?

One that doesn't need restrictive fad diets or workout routines that you just can't keep up with. One that allows you to make small, gradual changes at a level that's right for you. One that keeps things simple so that you can keep it up in the long term.

Welcome to balance club...combining regular nutrition and exercise challenges to help you find your balance

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Get short courses and webinars on how to set effective goals, tracking your progress to stay motivated, overcoming barriers and a wide range of psychology and behaviour change topics

Underpinned by our Ten Steps to a Balanced Diet, you'll receive weekly diet challenges and simple tracker tools to take on that will help you on the way to better balance

Mixed in with your eat challenges you'll find lifestyle ones too including reducing alcohol intake, managing your stress levels and things to get a better night's sleep

Take our monthly move challenges, completing the workouts we set you each week. There's a range of difficulty levels so there'll be something to suit your fitness and preferences

Here's more about how our new online club can help you find your balance:

Seven-day nutrition challenges to give you a focus for the week ahead. Underpinned by the principles of our Ten Steps to a Balanced Diet, we'll set you challenges to change just one dietary behaviour. It might be eating more fruit and veg, drinking more water, cutting your portions or adding more variety to your eating. The idea is that it keeps you focused and allows you try small, simple changes that you might find make a huge difference to your health, mood, energy levels, shape and fitness. Focusing on just one thing at a time makes it far more likely that you'll embed these into your lifestyle for good.

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Monthly workout challenges targeting all aspects of fitness for a truly balanced workout and plenty of options to suit you, whatever your fitness level and preferred exercise intensity. Choose from four levels of workout:

  1. Active Lifestyle - Take a different lifestyle challenge each week to keep you on your toes and help increase your activity levels. Increase your steps or active minutes, use the stairs more or simply sit down less. Perfect if you haven't exercised for a while or you prefer not to push yourself too hard. You can do these challenges alongside the other workout levels for a truly balanced  exercise programme.
  2. Light - short workouts of 10-15 minutes that won't leave you too sweaty or breathless but can still challenge you. They'll help you stay healthy, tone, improve posture, balance and coordination and move better.
  3. Moderate - 15-20 minute workouts combining cardio and resistance exercises to boost your fitness, shape and leave you feeling energised.
  4. Challenging - if you like to push yourself, these are for you. 20-30-minute workouts designed to get you super-fit and increase calorie-burn, whilst still following the balance principles and minimising risk of injury.
“Paul and Balance has helped me where no other plan has, by breaking my goals down into specific areas, helping me to understand that thinking is just as important as diet and exercise. Teaching me that by making small changes I can create a big difference.

The result is, that although I don’t feel my lifestyle has changed much since beginning the programme, looking back I’ve made some really big improvements. “ 
— Robyn G

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A bit more about balance club

Here's a little more about how balance club has been designed to help you get fitter, healthier, and happier...and stay that way:

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Guidance and support...


email us your questions, use the discussion boards to chat and share ideas or opt in to a buddy system for extra motivation

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Nutrition and exercise challenges...


designed to motivate and focus you

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One step at a time...


small, simple, gradual changes to make things easier to stick to

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Flexible to suit you...


options at every stage to ensure it fits your needs

All these things have been carefully and thoughtfully put together based on our first-hand experience of working in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years between us.

I've learned from the numerous clients I've helped to lose weight and improve their physical and mental health, fitness and wellbeing, and Vicky's insight into how people learn and absorb knowledge through her role in creating fitness qualifications for instructors has helped to shape the structure of the online programme.

All of the nutritional changes and exercise programmes are underpinned by scientific studies and the current guidelines from governments, national health bodies and charities so you can be sure you can trust them to be both safe and effective.

We've trialled different versions with both individuals and groups and gathered lots of feedback which has helped us to create a simple-to-follow experience that will allow you to stop searching for endless diets and fads and focus on achieving lasting balance. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to try your FREE 4-week trial, starting Sunday 22nd April

We take your privacy seriously. Your information will only be used to sign you up and communicate with you about Balance Club. You can read our full privacy policy by clicking the link at the bottom of this webpage.

Want to continue with balance club after your 4-week trial?

Then here's the great news. You'll be able to sign up to continue your membership to the club, and here's what you'll get:

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Nutrition & Lifestyle

  • Find your balance: for the first 3 months, you'll be set weekly challenges based on eat and live, our dietary and lifestyle elements. Experience our Ten Steps to a Balanced Diet to help you improve your diet in a truly holistic manner, sleep better and stress less. You'll also get access to our full recipe selection for a wide range of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas.
  • Keep your balance: ongoing challenges to keep you motivated in the long run as well as continued access to each of the Ten Steps so you can work on any areas you wish


  • Monthly workout plans that progress week on week to ensure you are challenging yourself and improving. Different routines each month help to add variety and keep things interesting, as well as enabling continual progress towards your goal
  • Competitions and challenges you can do against yourself or others to inspire you yo work that little bit harder
  • Members only discounts on balanced days out; our range of walking, cycling and running social events based predominantly in and around Bristol and the South West, but occasionally venturing further afield in the UK

All this plus regular emails, newsletters and webinars, discussion boards and our buddy system to ensure you become fitter, healthier, happier, leaner and lighter...then stay that way.

And the best bit, it only costs £19.97 per month, or sign up for a year and get 1 month free.

Look good. Feel good. Do good. 

We give £1 of your monthly membership subscription to support charities and great causes. Click here to learn more about our current causes and how much we've raised so far.