This is me looking very happy after a 100-mile cycle through the Peak District, probably because I was delighted it was over!

This is me looking very happy after a 100-mile cycle through the Peak District, probably because I was delighted it was over!

Hi, I'm Paul Waters. I created balance, because I’ve seen how difficult it is for people to see through the fads and gimmicks and find lasting solutions to look and feel better. I wanted to develop a simple method based on the things I've found have worked best for my clients and so balance, with its four elements; think, eat, live and move was born.

I've spent 17 years in the industry; in fact, I’ve never had a ‘proper’ job, only fun ones. Starting out as football coach and gym instructor, I then ran my own PT business, before carrying out medicals and wellbeing coaching for Nuffield hospitals, through to teaching others to become personal trainers. I was Curriculum Manager for Fitness for the largest training company in the UK and a member of the Technical Expert Group for fitness, advising the Register of Exercise Professionals on their qualifications and courses. I have a BA Hons in Sports Studies and an MSC in Exercise and Nutrition Science and am author of The Complete Guide to Weight Loss by Bloomsbury Publishing.

I eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness, regularly doing some event or a fitness challenge for charity. I will never preach at you as I love pizza, cake and most of all, biscuits, but I'll make sure I burn it off the next day and eat my greens. Burned it, earned it as I like to say!

The challenges I've taken on so far are:

  • Running - every distance up to marathon, in which I'm slowly chipping away at my PB with the ultimate goal of getting under 3 hours one day. I've also done one ultra-marathon and intend to go back to them when I can’t run faster anymore!

  • Cycling - it all started with John O'Groats to Land's End back in 2007. I had no cycling experience and my friend Simon and I borrowed bikes from Halfords to raise money for two friends who passed away very young. From there, we've gone on to do lots of single and multi-day rides, including London to Paris in 24 hours, The Three Peaks, walking each mountain and cycling the 450-miles in between over 4 days and various Alps including three ascents of the infamous Mont Ventoux all in one day

What next?

My next big goal is to cycle the entire Tour de France route in the same number of days as the pro's; just probably not quite as fast!

Here’s a little intro from Paul-e, business partner and online presenter for balance…

And a final mention for two vital members of the team…


Basil is the original company mascot. He likes to help out by carrying out vital research on sleeping and eating, both of which he does a lot!

To be fair to him though, he does enjoy the odd HIIT workout, usually in the evenings before bedtime. He's patented it HIITCAT and intends to sell it to his feline friends when he can fit the time in between important afternoon naps.

Photo 31-07-2019, 10 02 56.jpg

Mog is my PA…Purring Assistant. She’s the strong, independent type so she’s happy being left to her own devices most of the time.

She loves the great outdoors and has different exercise likes to Basil, preferring her long-distance running workout, which she calls going for a Mog, and her flexibility/relaxation class demonstrated above, Moga.