What we do

Our aims are simple. We help you to...

Look good.

Achieve a size, shape and weight that makes you happy, comfortable and relaxed with your body.

Feel good.

Get fitter and healthier in both body and mind, boosting your energy levels, confidence and happiness.

Do good.

Raise money for great causes when you purchase our products and services, helping others and making you feel great.

Find your balance.

Learn not only how to achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals, but more importantly, stay that way.

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A little more about balance

To ensure a totally holistic approach, all of the things we do are also underpinned by the four elements of balance:

  • think - the psychological and behaviour change element of health and wellbeing. We use effective behaviour change techniques to help you get your head in the right place for change and provide you with a range of psychological tools to help you better manage your mental wellbeing

  • eat - the nutrition element, consisting of our Ten Steps to a Balanced Diet to help you make simple changes to your eating and drinking habits and achieve lasting results

  • live - the lifestyle elements often overlooked, including sleep, stress management, smoking, socialising and learning

  • move - the physical exercise element, providing you with effective and balanced exercise challenges and programmes and covering everything from everyday activities to structured workouts at home, in the gym or outdoors

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We also have a strong set of values that underpin everything we do.

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Wherever we can, we like to link what we do to helping others. You can read more about the causes we support here.


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