Welcome to balance

Hi, I’m Paul Waters. I created balance to get you fitter, healthier, happier and most importantly, stay that way, forever. How? By teaching you the key habits for better health, fitness and wellbeing, why they’re important and how you can build them into your lifestyle in a way that lasts.

My online challenges are designed to help you achieve a range of health, fitness and wellbeing goals. Each challenge focuses on a specific aspect of your health and wellbeing; better sleep, more energy, lasting weight loss, better posture and a stronger back, and more besides. When a challenge launches you’ll be able to sign up, get access to it on the online area and join a cohort of people who are all after the same thing, looking for better and lasting balance.

The challenges enable you to build key habits into your life, to achieve and maintain your goals in a sustainable way. No fads, no gimmicks, no quick fixes, just lasting changes using simple, science-backed nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits and research on behaviour change, psychology and neuroscience to make them stick. The habits are released one at a time across the challenge to make them much easier to achieve, with a little video from me about what you need to do and handy tips for how to get there.

You’ll also get daily videos and emails to offer extra support and keep you on track, plus you’ll be able to join the balance club, a private online Facebook group where you can get extra help, ask questions and start discussions. Challenges generally last between 14 and 28 days and you’ll also get a helpful tick-box diary to make sure you’re on track. By the end of the challenge, you’ll know the vital things you need to do to get fitter, healthier and happier, and have a powerful set of tools to keep them up forever, with continued access to your online challenge.

Each time you sign up for one of our paid challenges, we’ll give a proportion of the profits to support local charities, so not only will you look good and feel good, you’ll also be doing good. Hopefully see you soon for one of our challenges to help you find your balance.

Seven Habits to Save the Planet

Fancy trying one of our challenges? Better still, fancy doing it FREE, improving your health and wellbeing and protecting our beautiful planet at the same time? You can find out more here, or click below to sign up.

Walk, run or ride with us… for free

Over the past few years I’ve put on a range of cycling, walking and running events and had great fun doing them. And they’re set to continue with one small difference, now they’re all FREE.

The rules are events are pretty simple…

  • There will be stunningly beautiful scenery in natural surroundings to help you relax and find your balance

  • The social element is as important (actually, more important) than the physical; it’s not about how fast or fit you are, simply enjoying the journey

  • There will be cake


A little more about balance

As you’ve seen, balance is all about building lasting habits. That’s because the balance method is built around three key beliefs:

1) The largest part of your health is down to your most frequent and recent behaviours - It’s the things you do day in, day out that have the biggest impact on your physical and mental wellbeing

2) You have the power - you’re in control. Small changes to your habits can make a big difference and because it’s all about the long game, there’s no need for rushing or quick fixes. Instead it’s about making changes that stick.

3) There is no failure, only feedback - Learning to get away from an all or nothing approach is key to balance. One bad meal, one bad day, one bad week, even one bad month doesn’t matter. You simply learn from your mistakes and get back to better habits for lasting health, fitness and happiness.

The method uses a holistic approach, underpinned by 52 separate behaviours across the four elements of balance:

  • think - the psychological and behaviour change element of health and wellbeing. We use effective behaviour change techniques to help you get your head in the right place for change and provide you with a range of psychological tools to help you better manage your mental wellbeing

  • eat - the nutrition element, consisting of our Ten Steps to a Balanced Diet to help you make simple changes to your eating and drinking habits and achieve lasting results

  • live - the lifestyle elements often overlooked, including sleep, stress management, smoking, socialising and learning

  • move - the physical exercise element, providing you with effective and balanced exercise challenges and programmes and covering everything from everyday activities to structured workouts at home, in the gym or outdoors

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